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Retreat yourself around the world!

Retreat yourself around the world!

Retreat yourself around the world! Retreat yourself around the world! Retreat yourself around the world!

Connect with yourself & others in a deep & meaningful way through movement, self exploration, and unique workshops. 


Retreat Yourself Towards Wellness

Choose to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness is more than being free from illness: it is a process of change and growth towards a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle.  Our dream is to connect with you around the world through retreats that inspire you, that capture and strengthen your inner flame, and that offer opportunities for deeper self exploration, deeper connection with others and other cultures, and support inner and outer wellness.  Retreat Around the World not only offers retreats but supports other well vetted retreat facilitators in their planning, marketing, and implementation of retreats so that we may share a range of special retreat options with our retreat participants!

About our Unique Retreats

A range of specially designed and unique retreats are offered to capture the interests of all and to fit many budgets. Retreats will be scheduled with as much advanced notice as possible to allow for planning and payment plan options.  Retreats are led by a team of specially trained remarkable individuals with a wealth of diverse experiences. Each retreat link will include an outline of the facilitators and their backgrounds. 

Specially designed retreats specific to the needs and interests of your group can be arranged by contacting me through email. 

Retreats will vary in length, theme, location, and style but the following are examples of what may be included in a retreat: yoga, mindfulness and meditation activities, connection and self exploration activities, cultural exploration activities based on region, empowerment workshops, strength based coaching sessions, Qigong workshops, Life Coaching retreats, and other wellness centered activities.  

When a retreat is listed it will include a description of the agenda so you can plan for the retreats that best fit your interests.  Retreat Around the World offers payment plans for retreats to make these experiences more accessible to all!

About our Additional Services for Retreat Facilitators

 Retreat Around the World  offers several supportive packages to our partnered retreat hosts. Packages can be as simple as listing and marketing retreats to as extensive as planning the retreats for the host and managing many of the details so the host can focus more on delivering the meaningful retreats they dream of offering.  Contact for further discussion on how Retreat Around the World  can support your retreats.

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