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Frequently Asked Questions

Are payment plans available for retreats?

Yes, there are several payment plan options available depending on how far in advance you sign up for a retreat.  The payment plan can be designed on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis and the payment will be calculated based on the length of time until retreat you choose.  For example, if you sign up for a retreat that is 3 months away the payment will be divided in to payments across those three months and an invoice will be sent month (or as arranged).  All payments are due a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the start of the retreat to ensure retreat costs are covered.

Are there refunds if I can't attend a retreat?

 When you sign up for a retreat the initial payment is due right away.  That initial payment is the first in your installment if you are making payments through one of our payment plans and is also the deposit to reserve your space in the retreat and solidify your registration.  The deposit is non-refundable.  If you start making payments and decide not to attend the retreat you will be excused from the remaining payments but will not receive any refunds! Part of the appeal of our retreats is that they are intimate gatherings and spaces are limited.  Since the retreats offer limited spaces and give people the opportunity to make payments it is not as easy to fill last minute spots when someone cancels.  Payments made are utilized to reserve accommodations and ensure that activities are arranged to provide a meaningful experience.   If you register for a retreat and pay in full but something happens within 30 days of registering and are not able to attend you can consider transferring registration to someone else if they are appropriate for the retreat but you will not receive a refund and the payments will not be counted towards an alternative retreat.  Since there are independent facilitators that have their own policies regarding refunds, a refund notice will be listed at registration based on that facilitator and event.  This above noted refund policy is specific to Retreat Around the World retreats only and may not be reflective of the policies of our partnering facilitators.  Always best to ask before you register!  We will do our best to ensure that this information is attached at registration and specific to the retreat you have interest in. Thank you!

I'm a retreat facilitator. Can my retreats and profile be listed on your site so my retreats can be highlighted as well?

The facilitators highlighted on this site are those that I have personally met, vetted, and observed in action to ensure that their practices and conduct are of the highest quality.  Retreat Around the World does offer retreat support to other retreat hosts and I am open to including additional facilitators  and retreats on this site.  If you have interest in our additional services for facilitators you can send an email with your experience and  we can explore if this is a good fit and in line with the types of experiences we value. 

Liability Notice and Retreat Around the World Policy

Retreat Around the World is not liable for issues that occur during travel to and from retreats, life circumstances that prevent someone from attending a scheduled retreat, lost or stolen items during retreat attendance or travel to and from, illness or injury that occurs in route to or during a retreat.  Participants attend at their own risk and within the capacity their health and wellness allows for. If extenuating circumstances lead to Retreat Around the World canceling or rescheduling a retreat the participant will receive a refund but this is only when a retreat is changed by Retreat Around the World due to attendance challenges or weather or other related emergencies. Thank you for your understanding.  By registering for a retreat you acknowledge the above policies and procedures, waive all liability, and agree to sign the registration form waiving liability and acknowledging policies.